I have been MIA for awhile. The thing is, I just didn’t want to post. And it’s not that I didn’t like this blog, but I compare myself to everyone else. How many likes they get compared to my own, how much better their posts are, how many comments they get. For the first few weeks, this blog was important to me, and I understood you can’t get hundreds of comments and likes in only a short amount of time. You have to keep posting. I didn’t.

People let this fear of not being good enough control what they do. And the only way to get better is to do whatever you think you suck at. So, I’m back from my “vacation” and more committed. That being said, I can only post once a week now. College starts soon for me and looking at that and my extracurriculars I won’t have those “Musical Mondays” and “Ted Talk Fridays,” but I will post when I can and it’ll still be fun for me to write and hopefully entertaining for you to read.

‘Till next time

See ya guys

Musical Mondays: Composers

Hey guys!

Today’s Musical Monday is on Composers!

Now the thing with Composers is that they are pretty under appreciated. Which is normal, considering most people are paying attention to the music, rather than the man waving his arms around for a long amount of time. Right?

Where I live, it is mandatory that you play an instrument in 5th grade. We could either join band or orchestra. I picked trumpet and joined band. So every week, for 30 (40?) minutes, we would go down to the band room and our teacher will give us sheet music. But she didn’t do any teaching. So the majority of the class just played random noises. Yeah, it was bad.

Anyways, I have a pretty musical family. My brother plays trumpet, sax, and sousaphone. My mom used to play drums and guitar and my mains are piano, guitar, and drums. Band was just a norm so of course I continued to play trumpet all through middle school. The teacher actually taught as well as composed. Which, of course, made our band a lot better.

When you think composers are just there for show, they are actually guiding the ensemble. He tells you when to speed up, when to slow down. When to get louder and when to play softly. He can talk to small groups within the band just with eye contact and a wave of  his hand. It’s important.

That’s it for today, thanks for reading!




Something Something Saturdays?:2

Hey guys!

It’s time for Something Something Saturdays!

So recently, I’ve been addicted to this site called Curiosity. It’s a website that posts random news, ideas, and other things that you probably wouldn’t hear about. Seriously, it’s great. It spans a huge variety of topics so please check it out.

A post I read was about the Netherlands. Because their crime rate has dropped 25% in the last 8 years, they’ve started to turn their prisons into hotels, asylums, and housing for refugees. Which is pretty freaking cool. Would you want to stay in one of their hotels?

Another thing I like about the Netherlands is that it sounds like Neverland. I bet people don’t grow up there. Maybe they are tricking us into thinking it’s a European country. Who knows? What if it was true, would you want to live in Neverland? Maybe this will be a topic for Friday.

That’s it for today!

Thanks for reading, byeeeee!

What if Fridays: 2

Hey guys! Sorry I didn’t post on Tuesday, but I spent my 4th reading and laughing at car alarms going off during the fireworks show. Anyways, time for what if Fridays

What if there was no google? 

Google is one of the most popular search engines so it makes sense to ask the question. Honestly, I don’t think it would be a big deal. If it was never created or introduced as Google, maybe a different search engine of similarity would be created. Or Bing or Yahoo would take over the role. But Google is not just a search engine. There’s docs, calendar, photos, maps, and even more under this name. Although there is a whole lot with Google, these different sectors can still be replaced. When you think about it, it’s not that big of a deal. Other things will be created. That was short and sweet I have to say.

I might post again tonight just because this wasn’t as content filled as I would like.

Thanks guys!

Books Books Books: 1

28763485  A while ago I read The Sun Is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon. I got this book as a Christmas Present and my immediate reaction was “this is the prettiest book I’ve ever seen.” Other than the colorful cover, the book really didn’t impress me. I had trouble getting into it and I could not connect with any of the characters, but that doesn’t mean it was the same reaction for everyone. That being said, the theme throughout the book really got me thinking.

I’m sure many of you agree that a pretty apparent motif in the book is Fate and Coincidences. Something I do with most of my friends is ask them which one they believe in. I’ve gotten a lot of “both” and “fate” but not a lot of “coincidences.” Personally, I believe both, but I lean more towards fate. That everything happens for a reason. I think that’s why the first two are chosen so often. People want to have a little hope. They want to believe that whatever happens, happens because it has to. That it means something.


That’s it for today guys, thanks for reading.


Something Something Saturdays?

Answering hypothetical questions seems like a fun topic for today. You guys may get more information on who I am too.

If I was offered 3 wishes?

  • Ability to read people’s minds (also a pretty cool superpower) and I can switch it on and off whenever I’d like. 
  • Ability to make people reveal the truth (kinda risky)
  • Ability to think of any place and appear there. Great for traveling.

If Jurassic Park were real, would I visit it? 

The upside is THEY ARE DINOSAURS. The downside is everything bad that happened in the movies. I think I would, why not?  

Rather have 4 arms or 4 legs?

That depends. We aren’t great multitaskers, but with 4 arms would we also have the ability to multitask? Like I could write, read, play piano, and make coffee at the same time? OH, and how long is my arm span? So many questions have to be answered. Could I run faster with 4 legs? Honestly, both seem like a hassle considering custom shirts and jeans are expensive. Neither. 

$20,000 for nothing… or, $200,000 if you can pick the number they’re thinking of between 1 and 5.

Do you guys know Odds? It’s a game where you have to say the number the other person is thinking and both say it at the same time. I am surprisingly good at it, so I’ll go for 200,000. 

If you had 1 million dollars to spend but were going to die in 7 days, what would you do with your money?

Travel to my favorite place and donate the rest.  

That’s it for today. Thank you guys for reading and let me know if you liked this and if I should do more.

See you later! 

What If Fridays: 1

“What if you only ate one type of food for the rest of your life?”

My favorite food is spaghetti. I could quite possibly eat that for the rest of my life, but there’s a lot of issues with that.

First: I would miss ice cream too much.

Second: I could end up in the hospital.

You guys know the food pyramid right? There’s 5-no, 6? I’m checking it now and there’s some that are 5 and others that are 6. We’re just going to go with it’s important. 

It’s basically telling us what we are supposed to fill our plates with. Fruits and veggies, grains, protein, carbs, dairy have to be part of our diet. Each group provides its own specific nutrients to keep you healthy. If you miss out on anything, it can lead to some problems like anemia, weight loss/ weight gain, and weakness.

Having too much of one thing is bad. If you don’t eat carbs, it can cause impaired brain function short term. If you do, it causes high blood pressure and heart disease. That’s only some of the effects.

That’s it for the day. I gotta go figure out what to write for tomorrow.




TED Talks Tuesdays: .5

Once school started winding down, I began to listen to Ted Talks a lot more often than usual. And by that, I mean for the first time. It’s not that I had any objections to it or anything of the sorts, but I spend most of my time reading or doing something involving music. So I’ve been trying to decide what I want this blog to be about. This is what I have come up with so far.

Musical Mondays

Ted Talks Tuesdays

What if Fridays

Something Something Saturdays

Mondays will be about music if it wasn’t obvious by the title, but maybe books as well? Books and music OH and movies. There I just made an executive decision.

Tuesday is pretty self-explanatory.  Any talk I’ve listened to will be up for discussion and I’ll write about what I thought, what I got out of it, etc.

Fridays will be on “What Ifs” such as “What if you only ate one type of food for the rest of your life?” Also, I will start to post poems and writing prompts on those days as well.

As for Sunday…anything I want.

Anyways, thanks for reading and see you Friday.

Who knows (I don’t)

I’m watching MasterChef right now guys and the tension is real.

Ok, so I just really wanted to write so I’ll see what comes to this post at the end. I need to have a plan for this summer because school starts at the end of September and it’s only been four days. And I’m bored out of my mind.

I have plans for the future, but not for now. I know I want to travel after college and write about those adventures, but as for right now…

Who knows?

Things I do know:

  • Work
  • Bake things with my closest friends (summer tradition)
  • Watch HSM until my friends are thoroughly annoyed
  • Hope they cry during HSM3
  • Read
  • Write

Exciting, yeah?

Graduation (and other things)

This whole post will be about the morning of graduation until the turn of the tassel. At our school, we have something called senior breakfast. Which, I guess, is pretty self-explanatory. We all show up at 9, eat until our heart’s content, and la-de-da until further instruction. Sadly, they had no scones, which was something I was craving that whole week. What they were serving was along the lines of scrambled eggs, bagels, OJ, and cinnamon rolls.

All very good.

The next item on the agenda was graduation rehearsal. Let me tell you something. Getting a class of 20+ kindergartners to line up for lunch time is difficult. They are only kids with a very small attention span and no concept of time or space. This also applies to the 400+ soon-to-be high school grads. Getting everyone into two separate lines to practice walking down a pathway should not be hard. It took us 2 tries. You’ve got the kids who are paying attention and want to get the rehearsal over with, and you’ve got the kids who have no understanding of what they should be doing. The line went from a single and perfect line, and then to a huge cluster, then back to single file repeatedly. And it was cold and our chairs were rained on so we couldn’t sit down for an hour.

So to my grads:

We learned how to form a line all through elementary school. They were literally trying to help us prepare for this moment, so use your skills and apply them to future tasks and whatever. ANYWAYS

We had an hour for lunch, so our group went for Starbucks and some went for the more substantial source of food. Losers. (If you’re hitting up Starbucks soon, I recommend getting the double chocolatey chip frappe and substituting it with white mocha. Trust me.)

Afterwards, we come back again for our senior salute assembly. Seriously the only reason it’s a thing is to inflict some emotion on our peers. If you want a rundown on that, let me know.

Then we leave to go get ready for graduation and only have an hour and a half to do so. So I head back to the house where some family friends are waiting for graduation, eat very quickly, and get ready. This is where the adrenaline starts pumping and anxiety and excitement start to kick in.

I head back to school, get into my hopefully organized line (it wasn’t at all. I know realize why we had to go an hour early and wait in that line for and hour.) During that time, we take pictures with our friends, goof off, and check out each other’s grad caps. What else could we possibly do? We’ve got short attention spans.

Then we start moving and it’s all ablur. I make up a secret handshake, lose my grad cap in the process, listen to speeches, and everything is surreal up until the turn of the tassel. That’s when caps are thrown into the air and everything stops. There’s hugging. Looking for families. Looking for friends. And the realization that we’re done.

That’s where friendship comes in.




That will be a week long topic which I will get to later.