Now What?

It’s been three days since I’ve graduated and nothing has happened. Actually, not true. For the past few days, I have watched the latest season of The Fosters, reorganized my bookshelf, and I am currently watching Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior. AND my books were delivered.

One of Us Is Lying 


Alice in Wonderland

Packing for Mars


Strange the Dreamer 

Rabbit Cake

Furiously Happy

I’m excited, but I’m also in a slump. Which really sucks.

I think I might do some reviews on a few depending on how much I like them. I also think I’ll start posting my writing and some thoughts from graduation.


This is my very first post (in case you couldn’t tell by the lack of content) and I think I’ll start off with how this blog came to be. I will be majoring in Communications this fall and my dad, being the greatest idea thinker person ever, decided that I should create a blog.

No experience whatsoever.

I mean I am a writer, but this is really throwing me to the sharks (is this the right metaphor?) So I have been setting this up for the last hour and viewing different forums and all the fun stuff I should be doing as a recent high school graduate. And recent as in like, 3 days ago recent. But I digress.

This will be my stories, my thoughts, and all my mini adventures compiled into a neat and somewhat happy, somewhat sad little journal.

We’ll see what happens.