Graduation (and other things)

This whole post will be about the morning of graduation until the turn of the tassel. At our school, we have something called senior breakfast. Which, I guess, is pretty self-explanatory. We all show up at 9, eat until our heart’s content, and la-de-da until further instruction. Sadly, they had no scones, which was something I was craving that whole week. What they were serving was along the lines of scrambled eggs, bagels, OJ, and cinnamon rolls.

All very good.

The next item on the agenda was graduation rehearsal. Let me tell you something. Getting a class of 20+ kindergartners to line up for lunch time is difficult. They are only kids with a very small attention span and no concept of time or space. This also applies to the 400+ soon-to-be high school grads. Getting everyone into two separate lines to practice walking down a pathway should not be hard. It took us 2 tries. You’ve got the kids who are paying attention and want to get the rehearsal over with, and you’ve got the kids who have no understanding of what they should be doing. The line went from a single and perfect line, and then to a huge cluster, then back to single file repeatedly. And it was cold and our chairs were rained on so we couldn’t sit down for an hour.

So to my grads:

We learned how to form a line all through elementary school. They were literally trying to help us prepare for this moment, so use your skills and apply them to future tasks and whatever. ANYWAYS

We had an hour for lunch, so our group went for Starbucks and some went for the more substantial source of food. Losers. (If you’re hitting up Starbucks soon, I recommend getting the double chocolatey chip frappe and substituting it with white mocha. Trust me.)

Afterwards, we come back again for our senior salute assembly. Seriously the only reason it’s a thing is to inflict some emotion on our peers. If you want a rundown on that, let me know.

Then we leave to go get ready for graduation and only have an hour and a half to do so. So I head back to the house where some family friends are waiting for graduation, eat very quickly, and get ready. This is where the adrenaline starts pumping and anxiety and excitement start to kick in.

I head back to school, get into my hopefully organized line (it wasn’t at all. I know realize why we had to go an hour early and wait in that line for and hour.) During that time, we take pictures with our friends, goof off, and check out each other’s grad caps. What else could we possibly do? We’ve got short attention spans.

Then we start moving and it’s all ablur. I make up a secret handshake, lose my grad cap in the process, listen to speeches, and everything is surreal up until the turn of the tassel. That’s when caps are thrown into the air and everything stops. There’s hugging. Looking for families. Looking for friends. And the realization that we’re done.

That’s where friendship comes in.




That will be a week long topic which I will get to later.