Musical Mondays: Composers

Hey guys!

Today’s Musical Monday is on Composers!

Now the thing with Composers is that they are pretty under appreciated. Which is normal, considering most people are paying attention to the music, rather than the man waving his arms around for a long amount of time. Right?

Where I live, it is mandatory that you play an instrument in 5th grade. We could either join band or orchestra. I picked trumpet and joined band. So every week, for 30 (40?) minutes, we would go down to the band room and our teacher will give us sheet music. But she didn’t do any teaching. So the majority of the class just played random noises. Yeah, it was bad.

Anyways, I have a pretty musical family. My brother plays trumpet, sax, and sousaphone. My mom used to play drums and guitar and my mains are piano, guitar, and drums. Band was just a norm so of course I continued to play trumpet all through middle school. The teacher actually taught as well as composed. Which, of course, made our band a lot better.

When you think composers are just there for show, they are actually guiding the ensemble. He tells you when to speed up, when to slow down. When to get louder and when to play softly. He can talk to small groups within the band just with eye contact and a wave of ┬áhis hand. It’s important.

That’s it for today, thanks for reading!