What If Fridays: 1

“What if you only ate one type of food for the rest of your life?”

My favorite food is spaghetti. I could quite possibly eat that for the rest of my life, but there’s a lot of issues with that.

First: I would miss ice cream too much.

Second: I could end up in the hospital.

You guys know the food pyramid right? There’s 5-no, 6? I’m checking it now and there’s some that are 5 and others that are 6. We’re just going to go with it’s important. 

It’s basically telling us what we are supposed to fill our plates with. Fruits and veggies, grains, protein, carbs, dairy have to be part of our diet. Each group provides its own specific nutrients to keep you healthy. If you miss out on anything, it can lead to some problems like anemia, weight loss/ weight gain, and weakness.

Having too much of one thing is bad. If you don’t eat carbs, it can cause impaired brain function short term. If you do, it causes high blood pressure and heart disease. That’s only some of the effects.

That’s it for the day. I gotta go figure out what to write for tomorrow.