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28763485  A while ago I read The Sun Is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon. I got this book as a Christmas Present and my immediate reaction was “this is the prettiest book I’ve ever seen.” Other than the colorful cover, the book really didn’t impress me. I had trouble getting into it and I could not connect with any of the characters, but that doesn’t mean it was the same reaction for everyone. That being said, the theme throughout the book really got me thinking.

I’m sure many of you agree that a pretty apparent motif in the book is Fate and Coincidences. Something I do with most of my friends is ask them which one they believe in. I’ve gotten a lot of “both” and “fate” but not a lot of “coincidences.” Personally, I believe both, but I lean more towards fate. That everything happens for a reason. I think that’s why the first two are chosen so often. People want to have a little hope. They want to believe that whatever happens, happens because it has to. That it means something.


That’s it for today guys, thanks for reading.