Who knows (I don’t)

I’m watching MasterChef right now guys and the tension is real.

Ok, so I just really wanted to write so I’ll see what comes to this post at the end. I need to have a plan for this summer because school starts at the end of September and it’s only been four days. And I’m bored out of my mind.

I have plans for the future, but not for now. I know I want to travel after college and write about those adventures, but as for right now…

Who knows?

Things I do know:

  • Work
  • Bake things with my closest friends (summer tradition)
  • Watch HSM until my friends are thoroughly annoyed
  • Hope they cry during HSM3
  • Read
  • Write

Exciting, yeah?

Now What?

It’s been three days since I’ve graduated and nothing has happened. Actually, not true. For the past few days, I have watched the latest season of The Fosters, reorganized my bookshelf, and I am currently watching Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior. AND my books were delivered.

One of Us Is Lying 


Alice in Wonderland

Packing for Mars


Strange the Dreamer 

Rabbit Cake

Furiously Happy

I’m excited, but I’m also in a slump. Which really sucks.

I think I might do some reviews on a few depending on how much I like them. I also think I’ll start posting my writing and some thoughts from graduation.